Santa, Santa, Santa!!!

Poor Jesus. I was cruising through Facebook today, becoming enraged by the stupid crap people post (not that I don’t post stupid crap on a daily basis. Me = hypocrite, but you know how it is), when I stumbled upon a group called “Put the Christ back in CHRISTmas”. Which kind of got me to thinking about what a bad deal Jesus has. Seriously. How many people actually celebrate Christmas as a religious holiday anymore? And even if they do, how many people are thinking about The Lord on Xmas morning when the wrapping paper is flying through the air, or during Xmas night after one too many eggnogs? None, that’s how many!

I feel bad for JC. Christmas is, like, the worst birthday ever. Imagine showing up to your own party, and all of the guests forget they’re there to celebrate the day you were born (and subsequently gave up your life for them). Instead, everyone thinks they’re there to see the shitty rent-a-clown. They whisper in his ear, take pictures with him, and shower him with milk and cookies just because he gave them a few trinkets. Meanwhile, you’re at the back of the crowd, sad and forgotten, stomping your feet and crying “It’s not fair. I died for your eternal souls!

I kind of see Jesus going all Jan Brady on God – “Well, all I hear all day long is how great Santa is at this or how wonderful Santa did that. Santa Santa Santa!!

Santa is soooo the Marsha Brady of Christianity.



Oh, I almost forgot! It’s Whitney Wednesday!


Peeing Neon Update:
What Peeing Neon Project?
For Dinner: Nada. I have the flu. 😦
Reading: It Sucked and Then I Cried by Heather Armstrong. I finished The Help by Kathryn Stockett in less than 3 days. It was awesome!


2 thoughts on “Santa, Santa, Santa!!!

  1. TYu says:

    Well, actually… I really don’t see JC sulking about not being recognized on Christmas… The great thing about Jesus is that he doesn’t care all that much that we suck. He knows we’re not perfect and are inclined to worship false idols and/or crap in fancy wrapping paper. He sacrificed himself for us precisely because we’re imperfect. We needed a much cooler dude to man-up and do what he did, and he did!

    But I totally agree with you that this holiday has been hijacked by commercialism.

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