2011 New Year’s Resolutions!!!!

Here’s the entry where I talk about my new year’s resolutions and no one cares but me. Weeeeeeeeeee!!

Oh god, I love the New Year! It appeals to the very core of my being. A fresh start! New beginning! Love and joy and jam sandwiches and all things that are good. Mmmmm New Year. Huzzah!!

Naturally, I have a ton of resolutions. I decided to limit myself to a manageable 3. In 2011, I will:

1. Find  a good home for my dog, Dexter. In the meantime, I will walk him, train him, fix him, school him, try not to kill him.

2. Pay off my HBC credit card in full, and reduce my Mastercard debt by $500.

3. Get my driver’s license (G2).


Other miscellaneous goals (which are not part of my official list, and therefore cannot be held against me when I forget about them on January 2nd), in no particular order,  include adopting a better, more positive attitude, being kinder to myself, thinking more of others, blogging more (at least 2 times a week), vlogging more (hopefully every day?), becoming a better mom, friend, partner and employee, showing the bloggers and YouTubers I stan how much I appreciate them by commenting instead of hiding in the shadows like the creepy lurkie loo that I am, being more financially responsible, quitting my nasty procrastination habit, smartifying myself, spending less money on junk food and more money on the clothes and household items I desperately need (when it is responsibly budgeted, of course), swearing less, making more meals at home and experimenting with different foods, etc. etc. I could go on for days. But I won’t. Not because I’m afraid of boring you, but because I’m tired, Chase is passed out in the chair next to me, and it’s time for both of us to get to bed. Night chachies!


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