Morag Vlogs

I didn’t want to say anything until I was sure it was “a thing”, but I’ve managed to post 2 weeks of videos and I think it’s time.  I HAVE A NEW YOUTUBE CHANNEL!1

Here’s my favourite vlog yet (mainly because Jeremy and Daniel are freaking hilarious):

I hope I haven’t jinxed this new channel by talking about it (we all know how wonderful my follow-through is), BUT the plan is to continue daily vlogs into the New Year2. I may take a small hiatus until New Year’s Day, and then, BLAMO! back with the videos.

1 Although, the content quality is questionable.

2 I won’t mention the vlogs here at Morag and Me unless it ties into an entry somehow. The Morag Vlogs YouTube channel is kind of a stand-alone thing.


3 thoughts on “Morag Vlogs

  1. moragandme says:

    I am AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALIVE!! Christmas festivities just had me running around and I haven’t fully recovered.

    I love that you love the vloggage! And I miss yoooooooooooou! Will touch base tomorrow but I am going to bed RIGHT NOW because, as usual, it’s past my bedtime and I am EXHAUSTED!


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