Stealing from Dan Brown

Do I ever have any original thoughts of my own? Probably not. It only bothers me sometimes. Like right now? Totally not bothered that I plan to steal TWO ideas from Dan Brown’s “Geocaching Adventure!” video (or rather, his audience, being that they chose these tasks for him*).

1. I want to film myself geocaching.

2. I want to take a photo of myself every day in 2011 and then do an aging animation thing at the end of the year.

*Or rather, the people Dan Brown’s audience stole these tired ideas from.


4 thoughts on “Stealing from Dan Brown

  1. linz says:

    So have you been doing this?

    I read something today and think you should try to do it. I know I’m going to. It’s supposed to have health benefits and make you younger.
    You just have to have a minimum of 200 orgasms a year.

    I’m starting to count today 😀

  2. Oooh!! Now that I’ve re-read your comment, I TOTALLY know what you’re counting!

    I’ll start my count from umm… Today. Okay, I’ll totally go from today.

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