Just so you know – that’s a staff-only button

I am soooo bummed. In addition to having a sick baby and a dog with the diahreah, I just found out that I lost a contest I entered over a month ago. The prize was an Ergo and I wanted that baby carrier SO BADLY. I NEED that carrier. It’s like a baby backpack! I was going to carry Whitney everywhere in that thing. We were going to go on adventures through parks, on streetcars, in forests – everywhere my stroller won’t go (which, given the shitty accessibility provided by the public transit system in Toronto, is basically everywhere).

I logged into my hotmail account A MILLION TIMES A DAY for over a month, hoping that they were going to announce that I won the Ergo. I was positive that it was going to be me. But I should have known. I have the crappiest luck. Except when it comes to Roll up the Rim, I guess. Tim Hortons hates me because I get so many free coffees. Also, because I pushed that “You’re a winner” button they have on the counter once, before I knew what it was, and I got a dirty look from the cashier. Look, lady, I don’t need your freaking attitude. Just get me an extra large chai tea with four sugars and two creams and I promise never to touch your big red button again. Timmy ho.


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