It’s Smartifying – The 2011 Canadian Election

*Smartifying: Where I demonstrate how ignorant I am on a particular topic (making you feel like a mental GIANT), and then google or wiki the subject at hand to prove/disprove what I thought I knew.

I am deeply ashamed to admit this, and I realize that I am going to get a lot of backlash for saying it, but I don’t plan to vote in the upcoming election – partly because I haven’t done my taxes in 4 years and I don’t want the government to find out my new address, hunt me down and throw me in the slammer for tax evasion, but mostly because I hate politics and the whole thing bores me. If it was convenient (ie – the polls were in my house), I would consider going but my vote would be uninformed and based solely on the fact that the NDP is the only party on the far left I can think of to vote for without throwing my ballot away.

Anyway, my complete lack of knowledge about the election (Is it a national election? When is it? Who are the candidates? What are they promising us this time?), and my deep shame and obvious ignorance, makes this a fantastic Smartifying entry. Yay!

Here’s what I think I know about the 2011  election:

  • It’s national.
  • A vote for the liberals is a vote for Michael Ignatif (Ignatif?). Thanks, televised slander ads!
  • Jack Layton is kind of sexy in a weird “I have a crush on my friend’s pervy looking uncle” way.
  • It takes place at the end of April or the beginning of May.
  • Candidates include Harper (PC), that Ignatif dude (Liberal), and Layton (NDP).
  • Parties include PC, Liberal, NDP, Independent and Green.

I wish I could speculate on their platforms, but I have no idea. I suspect Harper doesn’t like the gays, but that’s all I got. Healthcare what? National debt what? Old people what? No clue.

I’m going to research the crap out of this and, hopefully, have an entry breaking it all down posted by end of day tomorrow.


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