It’s Smartifying – The 2011 Canadian Election Cont.

The first thing I thought when I started researching the 2011 Canadian Election was “Quebec is gonna be sooooo angry with me!” Oh, the Bloc Quebecois… How could I forget about you?!

Here’s what I know about the 2011  election:

  • It’s national.

It IS national! Go me! Canada-wide! New Prime Minister (hopefully).

  • A vote for the liberals is a vote for Michael Ignatif (Ignatif?). Thanks, televised slander ads!

Actually, it’s “Ignatieff” but close enough. I want to vote for him just because I feel like the other parties are bullying him.

  • Jack Layton is kind of sexy in a weird “I have a crush on my friend’s pervy looking uncle” way.

Apparently, I am the only person on earth who thinks that Jack is sexy (aside from his wife maybe), but I’m still counting this as a win.

  • It takes place at the end of April or the beginning of May.

May 2nd, baby!

  • Candidates include Harper (PC), that Ignatif dude (Liberal), and Layton (NDP).

I am on a roll! Check me out! If only I had known about Duceppe, Figueroa and May.

  • Parties include PC, Liberal, NDP, Independent and Green.

I don’t know where I was coming from on the Independent front, but I never in a million years would have guessed that there is a Communist party in Canada. Also, as stated above, the Bloc is also in there somewhere – I suspect trailing just a step behind the tree huggers and the commies. But what do I know*? I’m ignorant AND I’m from Ontario. Keep rockin’ it, Bloc Quebecois!

*No, really. I’m serious. Nothing.


Here’s what I don’t know about the 2011 election:

  • Why this election was called. Is Harper’s term up?
  • What each party is bragging they can do for us.
  • Why Ignatieff is so hated (at least according to every single ad I’ve seen on tv regarding this election). Is it because he was an American?

I’m thinking that’s enough fodder for a whole series of entries in the upcoming week.



2 thoughts on “It’s Smartifying – The 2011 Canadian Election Cont.

  1. TYu says:

    I love that you’re smartifying about the election!!! The election this time around was called because the other parties found the Conservative government in contempt of Parliament by not fully disclosing details of what they a) have already spent of Canadian tax dollars, and b) what they wanted to spend on other proposed programs. Plus I think Harper finally pushed the envelope a bit too far by being all bossy-pants all the time. He is one scary dude…

  2. moragandme says:

    Harper looks like a weasel who pouts when he doesn’t get his way. I can see him being a mean, mean dude.

    Thank you for explaining the contempt of parliament thing!!

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