Big Bike for Heart & Stroke

Photo by Chase*Photo by Chase

I’m chipping away at my “30 Things to Do in my 30’s” list. I kind of sort of covered #15 (volunteer) and #16 (give to charity) in a cheat-y roundabout way yesterday when I rode on a 30-person bike to raise money for Heart & Stroke. That’s like volunteering, right? I mean, just because I did it during business hours with a group of coworkers, that doesn’t mean that it’s not a volunteer gig, right?- I still TECHNICALLY donated my time. Just because it was fun and I got out of work, that doesn’t make my good deed null and void, does it? I’m gonna say …no? Also, I gave a whopping $5 to my friend for the ride, so that’s TOTALLY a real donation.

I was on the front of the bike this year – not because I’m all rah rah go team or anything, but because I didn’t get a seat fast enough. Sooo awkward! I am sooo not a front-of-the-bike type of person. I’m more like a back-of-the-bike-and-hope-no-one-notices-me type. After the ride was over, Teresa, who rode behind me, was marveling over the fact that I pedaled the whole time. And I did! There was no resistance, so technically, pedaling wasn’t necessary at all, and they make the seats so high, my legs were dangling and my crotch was on fire, but I pedaled, goddamnit! Being on the front of the bike comes with a lot of responsibility. I didn’t want the general public to think I was a slacker or that my company was made up of a bunch of lazy asses – so umm.. Yeah. I pedaled for all I was worth. That’s how paranoid awesome I am.


2 thoughts on “Big Bike for Heart & Stroke

  1. TYu says:

    OMG! I STOPPED pedalling because my pelvic bones were being busted up! I was sore in my girly bits area for 2 days after!!

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