What’s for Dinner? – Tuna Noodle Casserole*

Photo by ChaseI am so glad that this meal turned out really well because I had to go to the grocery store TWICE with a toddler in the rain to get the ingredients – once to pick up some pasta and some garlic (the only 2 ingredients I DIDN’T have in my cupboard), and another time to pick up a can of cream of celery soup when I realized that mine expired in August of 2009 (!).

I felt like a 1950’s housewife making tuna casserole – it seems like such an old timey staple meal. I wanted to make jello, too, to complete the theme but the second trip to the grocery store took up all of my time.

ANYWAY, I liked this recipe well enough. I don’t know if tuna casserole is something I want to eat regularly by virtue of it being tuna casserole, but  it was yummy and Chase raved about it. Totally recommended.

Here’s the recipe link: http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Tuna-Noodle-Casserole-II-2/Detail.aspx.

* New Meal #1, item #6 from 30 Things to Do in my 30’s.

** Photo by Chase, as usual


3 thoughts on “What’s for Dinner? – Tuna Noodle Casserole*

  1. TYu says:

    Although I’m suuuurrreeee it was absolution DELICIOUS! I think Chase raved about your meal in part to encourage you to cook more. =)

    1. moragandme says:

      Ha ha. As the person who makes 99% of all of the meals in this house, I am sure he definitely welcomed the break! 😉

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