Dieting is HARD!

This is a picture of me eating a big Caribbean roti yesterday:

Nom nom nom

Oh god, I am such a hog! I like food too much to DIET. Good lord! I’ve been eating nothing but healthy food (and roti, which I think technically counts as healthy food, even if it was ordered from a restaurant), and drinking nothing but water (and man, I hate water) for TWO WHOLE DAYS and I am DYING! I am soooo hungry! I want chocolate and pepsi and everything that is delicious in this world delivered to MY MOUTH immediately.

That being said, I am going to stay on the wagon (even though it might actually kill me) because Cointrin is counting on me. Because I’m setting a good, healthy example  for my daughter. Because I feel like falling asleep every minute of every day and hopefully eating the right food will give me the energy I need to function at full capacity. Because if one more person tells me I look pregnant, I am going to snap and go on a murderous rampage and then, assuming that the prison bathroom situation on TV is true to life, I am going to be forced to poop in front of other people (or near them) on that toilet they keep in the corner of my cell and I can’t go through all of that. I need my own private bathroom, goddamnit!


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