Farewell, Sally Struthers!

Image: m_bartosch / FreeDigitalPhotos.netIt’s “Farewell, Sally Struthers Week” here at Morag and Me because my good friend, Mavis, is having surgery today to get rid of a nasty little hanger-on-er with the initials SS*. She’s going to be in the hospital for a few days, and she probably won’t be up and around much for the next while even when she’s home, so she is basically the perfect audience for my blog – bored and incapacitated. You’re mine, Mavis! You’re miiiiine! Muah ha ha hahahhaha!!

*I named Mavis’ cyst “Sally Struthers” – I’m not quite sure why, but it seems pretty fitting, don’t you think?

I wrote the following haiku, in memory of Sally Struthers. I call it “So Long, Sally – There’s No Ovaries Where You’re Going!”

Hey Sally Struthers**!
Get your shit – it’s time to go.
Die die die die die!!

**To the real Sally Struthers – I am so so so so so so sorry. This poem is not for you. Please don’t sue me!

Anyway, let’s celebrate Farewell Sally Struthers Week in style by writing a blog every day until Sunday to keep Mavis entertained while she recovers from her operation. Leave a link to your website in the comments (even if you don’t intend to blog regularly this week) so my girl has something to read besides outdated low-tech novels and magazines (blech! Who even reads those things anymore?!).


Image: m_bartosch / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


5 thoughts on “Farewell, Sally Struthers!

  1. Victoria says:

    This entry actually cracked me up. On March 31 2011 I was diagnosed with a complex ovarian cyst on my left ovary, about the size of a large yam. The trip to the ER was horrible but the surgery went well. None of it is funny, of course but I did immediately name my enemy within Beauford and even made a small wodoo catnip toy which my feisty pet tormented for the weeks before the surgery. Emotionally, it was so cathartic to see my minion chomp and rip at it. My friends made up limericks and posted supportive messages about its demise. Sounds like Sally Struthers and Beauford are commiserating in the same place! Best of recovery to Mavis. I know exactly how she feels. 🙂 I’m on my fourth day of post-op, bored silly and glad to hear about others’ recovery. It’s all good!

    1. moragandme says:

      Hey Victoria! I am glad to hear that you are now Beauford-free and doing well! I love the wodoo catnip toy idea. Too funny (obviously cysts … not so much).

  2. Ohhh lordy! I am so glad I haven’t visited your blog until today, a full week after my surgery, or else I would have spilled innards out of my as-yet-un-healed wound from laughing too hard!

    I couldn’t help but guffaw at your haiku and it caused soreness to my abdominal area but it was HILARIOUS!

  3. Victoria says:

    As I posted on my FB page last Tuesday ‘Four days of flawless recuperation completely undone by first five minutes of “Best in Show”‘. Was warned not to watch anything funny and got some great healing watching six seasons of Wire in the Blood (pretty graphic murder stuff). 🙂

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