Happy Birthday, Baby!

It’s Chase’s birthday today (and not, as I had previously thought, on the 30th*). The man I’d marry if I felt like planning a wedding is 26. Wooo weee. Ask me how great it is to rob the cradle. Go on! Ask me! … It’s fabulous.

*And by “previously thought” I mean “up until a few days ago, I thought”. I was so convinced that his birthday was yesterday, a few weeks ago I had my HR department change his birthday from the 31st to the 30th in my benefits package. I’m too ashamed to ask them to change it back so now, not only do I feel bad for not knowing my own baby daddy’s birthday, but also for denying him full health and dental coverage. Worst.wife.ever.

Anyway, I just wanted to give him a bit of a shout out because I don’t spend enough time singing his praises. Sadly, he is the person in my life I take for granted the most and that really sucks because I love the crap out of him.  He is incredibly sweet and funny and he can imitate just about anyone. He’s talented and handy and MacGyver-esque. He can play music by ear – he just needs to hear a song to play it on the piano or guitar. He’s generous and always does what he can to help out his friends and people in need – he’s an overall good ol’ boy.

I am so glad that Chase was born because there is not another human being on earth who can put up with me 24/7. He makes most of my meals (the other night, he made me a roast beef dinner with all the trimmings. I love that man!). He supports and encourages my blogging and vlogging and everything people think I’m crazy for (notice that all of my blog pics are taken by Chase?) and he has nothing but faith in me and my abilities. He’s never jealous (okay, almost never), and he never pulls any possessive crap with me. He gives me enough space to have my own life. He drives me to work and when he can, he goes out of his way to drive me and my friends to wherever we need to be.  He always charges my electronic gadgets because he knows I won’t. He knows what I want before I know that I want it. He always offers me a sip or a bite of whatever he is drinking/eating, if he doesn’t full out get me my own – without me having to ask. He never goes to the store without bringing me back a treat (usually chocolate). He does the yard work without complaint and a host of other chores I refuse to do. Most importantly, he is an excellent dad to Whitney and an excellent husband to me. And I love him.

Happy birthday, baby! 


… This post is over. Y’all can stop puking now.


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