TTC Knitalong

I am taking part in another charity event, the TTC Knitalong, because I am a giving philanthropist. Also because I love knitting, craft shops, and connecting with ladies and gents who love them, too. And because there are grab bags and prizes. My compassion knows no bounds when free yarn is involved.

So for those of you who don’t know (I just found out myself), here’s how it works: you pay $10 (the profits go to help Sistering, a non-profit woman’s organization), plus the cost of transit, and you travel from yarn shop to yarn shop on Toronto’s public transportation system, knitting along the way. There are a bunch of different teams and routes to join/take, and at the end, everyone meets up downtown.

I am so pumped! I can’t wait to get down old-lady-style, meet some new people (oh god, who am I?!) and knit some baby booties while I ride the rocket… or whatever. Bus? Streetcar?  I don’t care. I am going to spend so much money on yarn! Weeee!


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