What’s for Dinner? – Sloppy Joes

Photo by ChaseI had my doubts about this Sloppy Joe recipe (and Sloppy Joes in general, actually), but this turned out really, really well. It was the 3/4’s of a cup of ketchup that threw me off initially. I was paranoid that my dinner was going to taste like ground beef with too much tomato goo on it, but in sticking with my theme of “Gross things I assume moms fed to their kids in the 1950s*”, I decided to go for it. It didn’t taste ketchupy at all. This is a really good meal for when you’re feeling something sweet and cozy for dinner.

*I draw the line at meatloaf. Not because I don’t like it, but because I made it a few years ago at Chase’s request and served it by candle light. It wasn’t until I stumbled back into the harsh light of the kitchen that I realized that the loaf hadn’t cooked through all the way, and I had been eating raw hamburger. The thought makes me vomit to this day.

Here’s the Recipe Link for Sloppy Joes: http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Sloppy-Joes-II/Detail.aspx (obviously, I added cheese to my sandwiches. Also, I used red bell peppers because the grocery store was out of green).

The verdict: I’d make this again.

Reader question: Do you have any recipe suggestions? Bonus points if it sounds gross but tastes really good.

Bonus video (because I have been humming this song to myself all night):

** New Meal #2, item #6 from 30 Things to Do in my 30′s.

*** Photo by Chase


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