Phoning It In

I am on the brink of a period-induced meltdown (sorry for the deets) so this is going to be a random post while I gather my sanity.

Things I’m thinking about right now (besides my usual laundry list of complaints about hunger and exhaustion):

who is making me a chocolate chai tea right now because he can sense the storm brewing inside my uterus.  God bless that man. Even my cranky ladybits adore him.

Nice Peter
I feel like I’m cheating on John Green by saying this, but I want to marry Nice Peter. He’s so nice and quirky and sweet and funny. Siiiigh.

I gave blood again today! 
I have nothing interesting to say about this – the whole thing was pretty much incident-free – but I wanted to mark this day in my journal because those two bags they gave me after my C-section? Paid in full! I’m even Steven now. Woooot!

30 Rock
is on. Bye!


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