Introduction to the Friday 5

I’m not sure if it’s because I just read High Fidelity and feel the need to make lists (I’m so impressionable), but I think it’s time to introduce The Friday 5, an idea I’m pretty sure I’m stealing from this blog called Digital Ink that I used to read when I was in high school.

Top Five Blogs I Wish Were Still in Existence:

1. I Wasn’t Built to Get Up at this Time / Dozing (Tim Partridge)

2. Bad News Hughes (Patrick Hughes – buy the book)

3. Midnight Therapy with Crystal (more of a vlog, but I miss it. Crystal was an AVATAR!)*

4. Bobofett (Dana)

5. Digital Ink (Katie)

BONUS: Closer (okay, this is my old blog, but really. That’s 10 years of embarrassing entries not available online anymore because I’m too lazy to find webhosting for them and figure out how to use FTP again)

*OHMYGOODLORD!! It’s not NEW Crystal Anne, but in my desperate attempt to find an example for ya’ll, I found a back door into her website (and by “back door” I mean, like, I found a link to one of her entries – which is linked to OTHER entries – on Google. I love you, Google!).

What are your top 5 Blogs/Vlogs/Websites you wish were still producing content? Comment on this post, or steal this topic and run with it!


2 thoughts on “Introduction to the Friday 5

    1. moragandme says:

      Ohmygoodness! 1. I am fan girling a little bit right now, and 2. I miss Digital Ink like you would not believe! Have you started another blog?

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