The Great TTC Knitalong 2011

Remember that Knitalong thing I was telling you about a little while ago? Well, it was this weekend and it was fabulous!

All of the participants were nice and cute and nerdy in all the right ways. Most everyone seemed ten times more hardcore than myself (two people on my team brought SUITCASES – the kind that have wheels – in addition to canvas bags, because they planned to buy enough yarn to fill them. HARDCORE).

I was a little ashamed because I showed up with my cheap Walmart yarn and my one and only project which I started months ago and never picked up again. My teammates all seemed to have The Good Stuff (the good, non-acrylic stuff that I got to fondle all day as we trekked from store to store, the stuff I wanted to gather into a big pile and roll around in until I fell asleep with tears of joy drying on my cheeks, the stuff I can’t afford but bought 6 balls of anyway because I could.not.resist), and projects they were passionate about. Many people were wearing knitted accessories and whole shirts they had made themselves. Naturally, I was in love.

And there was swag! I’m too lazy to take pictures of mine, but we all got some great yarn, a bright orange bag with the TTC Knitalong logo on the front, some coups… I got some free knitting needles and some detergent from Romni, one of the wool stores we went to. There were draws and prizes (I think the majority of which went to my team, Team Red. Go us!).

We went to three new-to-me yarn stores, Passionknit, Knit-O-Matic, and Romni, and an old favourite of mine, Mary Maxim. I fell in love with each, ESPECIALLY Romni. That place is insane!! Here’s just a TINY peek:

What is this place?! 

No one seemed too weirded out that there was a group of people crafting it up on the public transportation system, although I heard one of my team members refer to the non-knitting passengers as “Normals” and it made me giggle on the inside.

Oh my goodness, the yarn!! Did I mention the yarn? Nothing makes me happier than floor-to-ceiling balls of colour (like this scene from Knit-O-Matic):

Look at us! Shoppin’!

Knit-O-Matic was pretty awesome because they have a BIRD working there. Um, okay, maybe not working working, but definitely providing some entertainment. He fell in love with one of my teammates (whose name I think might be Robin, but I am terrible with names and I may be calling her Robin because I associated her with the bird. Sorry, Robin-who-may-not-be-Robin) while we were there.

Aww! Birdie Kisses!

So nice!

After the ride-a-long on the TTC and all of the shopping, we hung out at the Rivoli for drinks, food and prizes. I had to leave kind of early in the evening, but it was such a great day. I met some like-minded peeps, agreed to join the Toronto Crochet Guild (whose members are super nice), found some awesome local yarn stores that I plan to frequent now that I know they exist, bought some patterns and some yarn, and renewed my passion for all things crafty. Oh, and I donated some money to a good cause and became an Ambassador of Knitting and all that good stuff. Loved it!

Special thanks goes to the organizers of the TTC Knitalong and my team captains, Glenna and Lisa, my team members who were all fantastic, the stores and the Givers of Swag, the Normals on the TTC who didn’t so much as jostle me while I was crocheting, and to Kylie, my hero and Whitney’s babysitter, who took my little one off my hands so I could attend this awesome event. Thank you!


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