I Am At Home

Oooh lordy. Okay, confession time: I am writing this post at work (if my boss is reading this… PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE don’t fire me!!). The servers are down today, so I’m basically just killing time before I have access to my files again, or until home time – whichever comes first. I am betting on home time.

Prior to this post, I was sending text messages about balls to my co-worker that, if misconstrued, could probably be deemed sexual harassment, so the way I see it, using dead work time to update my blog is the lesser of 2 evils.

Hmmm…  I am really not helping my case to stay employed here.

Dear My Boss,

Just kidding! I am writing this entry from home in my spare time, and I text message only work-related and HR-appropriate things from the office. Also, today I saved the company 10 million dollars.




Now that that’s taken care of… Um… Dooot dooot doooooot. That’s seriously the soundtrack playing in my head right now: dooot dooot doooooooooot. I got nothing here.

Hmmm. What can I tell you about? I can tell you that I’m  screwed because this whole day has been a total bust and now I’m going to have to work late all week to catch up. Umm… Or I could tell you that if I had a third ball, I’d be damned proud of it (and I’d probably name it, too). Or that men in suits kind of turn me off (Jack Layton may have been the only exception and now he is gone. RIP Sexy Jack).  Or that my cat is a murderer and I am just as proud of him as I would be of my third testicle. Or I could tell you it’s home bedtime and say goodbye. Bye!


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