Jeff Probst Can Rub My Back Anytime

Okay, can we talk about Jeff Probst, please? Because after Brandon Hantz had that big meltdown on Survivor last week, I am all about Jeff effin’ Probst. Dude wasn’t even a blip on my radar before; 1. because I rarely watch Survivor, and 2. he isn’t my type (he’s not A) dirty, B) a Jesus lookalike, or C) a dirty Jesus lookalike). I had no clue how awesome he was.

And then… THIS happened:

How sexy was that? Am I right?! I love that Jeff was neutral during the whole confrontation and he seemed genuinely concerned about Brandon. I love that he diffused the situation by asking Brandon to stand with him, and restrained/helped him to calm down with a shoulder rub. He was the epitome of cool under potentially explosive circumstances and ohmygod, I love Jeff Probst. He might have singlehandedly turned me into an actual Survivor fan.

Are you into Survivor? How do you feel about the way Hantz went out?


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