Spice Jars or Physical Manifestation of My Neurosis? You Decide.

Baby Food Jar Spice Rack

Soooo I thought turning empty baby food jars into spice containers was an original idea until I googled it. Not so much. BUT, to my knowledge, I am the only person who  laminated her jar labels with packing tape before using her label maker to name the spices, so there’s that. This step makes it much easier to change the name of the jars without having to make whole new labels.  I don’t know if it’s pure genius, or just another way my commitment phobia and OCD manifest themselves, but let’s go with genius. Genius!

I realize that a tutorial isn’t necessary for this project – make label, stick it on jar – but just in case you’re interested, here’s how I did it.

Materials You Will Need

Empty, Clean Baby Food Jars
Acrylic Paint
White Craft Glue
Scrapbook Paper
Plain Ol’ Paper Paper
Packing Tape
Label Maker

Step 1: Paint your lids

I channeled my inner Neil Buchanan (Art Attack) and mixed some PVA (white) glue into some acrylic paint to get it to stick to the lid (maybe a little less than half and half – more paint than glue). It took about four coats of paint, and I topped that with some straight-up glue to make the final product shiny.

Disclaimer: Storing your food in something that’s coated with PVA glue is probably not the healthiest of options, but I wanted to use materials I had on hand. Also, I like to live dangerously. If you’re not a super bad-A like myself, maybe consider researching some other alternatives. Granted, the paint is on the OUTSIDE of the lid (no need to paint the inside), but if you get some kind of weird glue poisoning, please do not sue me. You have been warned; glue and food do not mix!

Step 2: Cut your label

Cut a strip of scrapbook paper to make your main label. My strip was about 3.5cm tall by 22cm wide.

Step 1

Step 3: Cut a decorative border

I used a pencil to trace a border about 1.5cm tall, and then I cut along one of the edges with my fancy pants decorative scissors. I am sure there are scrapbooking tools that would make much neater work of this step, or you could free-hand a fancy edge.

Step 2

Step 4: Outline your decorative border

I used a ruler and a black permanent marker to make an outline around my border because I didn’t feel it “popped” enough without it.

Step 3

Step 5: Stick your border to your label

No need to go crazy here – I just used 2 tiny pieces of two-sided tape to tack it down so it wouldn’t shift around during the “laminiating” process (see next step). Trim any excess.

Step 4

Step 6: Ghetto laminate your label with packing tape

Oooh yeah. Ghetto laminating is where it’s at. Just put a layer of packing tape over the entire label, front and back, and trim the excess. It helps to leave a teeny tiny border of clear tape around the label.

Step 7: Name your spice jar

Add a label from your label maker to your jar.

Step 8: Tape your label to the jar and fill with spices.

Admire your work.

BONUS: Upcycle an empty clementine box into an actual spice rack for your jars

Because I am CRAZY, I also painted an old clementine box and slapped a label onto the front. Instant spice rack!



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