Operation Fix that Shiz: Organizing My Home – Update

I really want to talk about some of the things I did to organize my home, but first I need to give a shout out to my favourite YouTube organizing gurus, because I stole most of these ideas, in one form or another, from them.

Malitose79/Organizedclutterbug – by far my favourite YouTuber. She’s so cute and she has tips everyone can use. Her enthusiasm is contagious. Love love love her. Check out her website, http://clutterbug.me, too.

Doitonadime – tons of great ideas, especially if, like me, you’re not interested in buying expensive junk to organize the junk you already heave.

Thegreenapplehome – I love thegreenapplehome because she uses what she already has to organize her house (or she finds inexpensive alternatives), and she posts recipes, too.

Homeorganizing – Alejandra is so organized, it actually hurts me a little to watch her videos. SO ORGANIZED!!

I won’t list every little thing I did around my house, but here are a few tips (again, heavily inspired by the nice ladies above), that I’m really loving.

My apologies ahead of time for the terrible photos – I’m not much of a photographer to begin with, but my camera died and I had to use my iPhone 3G (awful, awful!).


Tip #1 – Use 3M hooks (Organizedclutterbug shows a lot of 3M love)

This is the door to my scary, unfinished basement/laundry room:


Chase and I keep a pair of flip flops in front of this door at all times because we use the laundry daily and shoes are a must to venture into the basement. The problem is, this door is in my narrow hallway, smack-dab in the middle of my house, and the kids are always taking off with our dirty shoes (not to mention the fact that having flip flops randomly hanging out in the middle of your house isn’t very visually appealing). SO, I just took a 3M hook, tacked it onto the door, found a tote bag and threw the shoes inside. It’s not pretty, but it’s functional and I consider it a good fix.


Tip #2 – Over the door shoe organizers make for great extra storage (original idea from Alejandra and I think Doitonadime, too)

My tiny bathroom cupboard was literally overflowing with bottles and beauty products, and I had already purged through it three times in the past 6 months or so. I wasn’t willing to part with any of my remaining “back-ups”, but there were so many bottles, it was impossible to contain them all. I attached a shoe organizer to the inside of my closet door and now my bottles and hair tools are neat, organized, and tucked away, and my more personal items fit nicely in the cabinet.


The organizer was so wonderful, I went out and bought another shoe organizer for my yarn and sewing tools, which freed up some space for Chase’s “Man Drawers”. I am loving this organizer in particular because I can see everything I have and it’s easy to grab and go.



Tip #3 – Find a place for EVERYTHING. And then label it. 

I talked about creating some “Man Drawers” to house Chasetown, and after shuffling some of my craft stuff around (in addition to the shoe/yarn organizer above), I was able to open up two bins for my hubby’s stuff. And it is AWESOME.



Tip #4 – Corral your crap in baskets (I think everyone does this, but it’s my favourite tip because I use it in every room of my house) 


We have a whole host of vitamins, antacids, and pain killers (Tylenol, Advil) that creep out of the bathroom and onto the shelves in my kitchen. I decided to stop fighting it and dump them into a basket instead. Problem solved. I also needed a place to store baby bottles so they made their way into another basket.


Anyway, there you have it. Use the space you have (even if that space includes the back of your doors), find a home for everything, and if certain items pile up in one spot no matter what you do, accept that they’re piling up there for a reason and find a way to make it work. Also, baskets! When in doubt, throw your mess into a basket.



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