poopLet’s not talk about organization or schedules or “Operation” anything*.

*Sidenote: Why am I obsessed with calling things “Operation [Insert Crap Here]”? I’m embarrassed for myself, but I can’t stop doing it. Next up: Operation Stop Using “Operation”.

Siiiiiigh. Let’s talk about… Poop. Not really. “Poop” is just my default answer for everything. I blame a friend of mine for passing on this quirk – you know who you are.

Poop has also become my 3 year-old’s response to any question she doesn’t feel like answering.

Me: What do you want to eat?

Butterbean: Poo poo


Butterbean: I miss Nanny

Me: Let’s call her. What do you want to say to her?

Butterbean: Poo poo pee pee


Me: What did you do at Daycare?

Butterbean: Poop

She also says “tee tee” a lot, in the same context as above, which I think is just code for “poo”. She thinks it’s HILARIOUS.

The other day Butterbean told me, all pleased with herself, “If you’re a good listener, I’ll give you some poop on a stick.”

On our way  home from Easter dinner at a friend’s place, she randomly came out with the following (the car had been silent up to this point):

Butterbean: I know who likes to eat boooooooogers!

Me: Who?!

Butterbean: Meeeeeeee

(That’s totally true, by the way)

In that same car ride:

Butterbean: I know who likes to eat snoooooooot!

Me: Who?!

Butterbean: Sprout!

(Not true… that I know of)

There you go. I guess I talked about poop after all. Also, boogers. Also, my kid is disgusting.


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