Lent Sucked

cookiesI realize that Easter was over last week, but can we talk about Lent for just a second? Can I tell you how glad I am that it, and Easter, have come and gone?!

I gave up sugar for Lent this year (I really did!), not for religious reasons,but because I love a good “self-betterment project,” particularly when I can deny myself something I love. To be honest, aside from a really rough patch in the middle where I craved cookies every single day for two weeks (I think because I broke down and drank Diet Coke, which made me want junk and carbs like crazy), not eating sugar was more of a pain in the ass than a heavy cross to bear (pun intended).

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking “Miranda actually followed through with something?! And it was diet-related?!!” Trust me – I am just as surprised as you are (and, truth be told, I cheated twice – both times were at birthday parties, where I caved and ate cake. It would have been downright rude to decline. Plus, Julie told me she’d disown me if I didn’t have one of her cupcakes. I had to!). I attribute my success largely to my mother, who told me I’d never be able to give up sugar. Naturally, I had to prove her wrong. Thanks, mom. 

Now that Easter is over, and my house is chock-full of candy, I’m back on the sugar train. Choo choo. I am relieved that I can eat what I want, when I want again. I will probably take this back later, but I am never cutting anything from my diet cold turkey again. That being said, I can’t wait until all of the Easter chocolate is eaten because I’m kind of getting sick of it, but I have no willpower to do anything but continue to shove it in my face until it’s completely gone. Then, and only then, can I think about eating in moderation.


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