Kindergarten Woes

We registered Butterbean for kindergarten today, and promptly had a nervous breakdown about daycare. How do dual income families 1) juggle their work schedules with a totally unreasonable school schedule (who can leave work before 3pm to pick their kids up?!), and 2) afford before/after school care (particularly when you have a baby in full-time daycare)? Seriously, how?! I’d like to know.

Also, how can you hand out a kindergarten information package filled with a million spelling and grammar mistakes?! Is it true that those who can’t, teach?! Because honestly. When you bold and capitalize the word “velcro,” you might want to make sure it’s spelled correctly. A little proof reading wouldn’t hurt. I’m just saying.

Eeerrg!! Kindergarten is giving me a heart attack and it hasn’t even started yet!

On a positive note, I am excited to have a kid in school. Butterbean is going to looove it. I can’t wait to see her waddle around in her little backpack and “velro” shoes!


4 thoughts on “Kindergarten Woes

    1. moragandme says:

      I know, right?! Hopefully the information package isn’t indicative of the quality of education she will be receiving. 😉

      Thank you!

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