April Favourites

It’s been awhile since I did a “Favourites” post, and to be honest with you, the only reason I’m doing one now is to share this YouTube video (which is pretty much my all-time favourite, next to Charlie the Unicorn):


Also on my list of favourites this month is:

This “perfect mug” from David’s Tea. I purchased the same one for a friend in March, and had full intention of buying a different mug for myself, but when I got to the store, I cracked and bought an identical one. Sorry, Nikki. I hope you don’t mind that we’re cup twins.

I’d been using a tea ball up until this point, so this mug is like magic to me. Maaaagic. I’ve been drinking nothing but loose leaf since I bought it just so I can use it. I love that I’m not cramming my tea leaves into a teeny tiny metal ball and spilling them all over the place in the process. I love that the lid provides a cute little no-mess resting place for the infuser. I love how pretty it is and how pretentious I feel when I drink from it. It’s awesome.

By the way, not on my April Favourites List? The Bollywood Chai tea I purchased with the mug. It’s okay, but it’s my least favourite chai to date.

The Yahoo Weather App. It’s gorgeous. Love that it has info on wind speed, sunup and sunset, and the moon cycle. It’s so much nicer than the boring Weather widget that comes with the iPhone. Plus, it’s free.

My Chiropractor. Honestly, I would not be running (or walking, for that matter) without her. If you’re having back problems, I highly recommend getting a chiro. I hate going to the doctor (or any professional, for that matter), but the chiropractor is tolerable because the visits are quick and fairly painless, aaaand you don’t have to take off a single article of clothing. Not having to get naked is the best part. Well, that and the fact that I can stand now without wanting to die. I wish I’d gone 9 months ago.


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