26 Easy Steps – Step 2: Get a Jump Start on My Day

A big part of my taking on this 26 Easy Steps project was to prove to myself that I can follow through with… everything. Anything. Good god, it would be nice to follow through with something. Which is why it is so disappointing (but not at all out of character) that my first “habit” was a bust.

I was supposed to do pilates 3 times a week over the past 2 weeks, and I managed to exercise twice. Ouch.

I refuse to become pessimistic, though. I’m not going to quit. These habits are supposed to build up week-over-week, so I’m pressing on. Up is that way!

So, let’s identify what kept me from following through on completing my core exercises. One, I hate them. Two, because I hate them, I’d procrastinate and leave them to the end of the day when I would ultimately decide I was too tired to even think about Pilates. Ugh. Ab work.

This brings me to Easy Step #2: Get up early enough (6am) to tackle my workout right away without having the kids crawl all over me while I’m exercising. This *should* give me a good hour, give or take, to not only work out, but to start my day off with a little “me time”. I might even have time to shower by myself. Just the thought of taking a bath alone, with no babies playing peekaboo with the shower curtain, with the door closed and LOCKED, excites me to no end.

Week 1 was a practice week. Bring on Week 2.

Please note: I woke up at 5am today! …With a little help from Butterbean, who had been hit with asthma attacks literally all night (and all day) long. But help or not, it still counts as me following through with something. See? I’m rocking this.


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