Couch to 5K (C25K) – Weeks 7 & 8 and Overall Review

I finished it! I can’t believe I finished it!! C25K is my BITCH!

Weeks 7 and 8 (consisting of runs ranging from 25 to 30 minutes long) were, not surprisingly, the hardest yet. I hadn’t cheated on a single workout (unless you consider running at a snail’s pace “cheating”), until Week 8 Day 1. I woke up in a bad mood and unbeknownst to me, my app was set to silent. I didn’t realize I hit the half-way point (when I usually head back to my house) until I had blown past it, and I just said “Eff it. I’m going to walk for a little while.”

FYI – 28 minutes is a long damn time to run. I haven’t cheated since the Week 8 Day 1 fiasco, but man, I wanted to.

Soooo here’s the thing. Even though I TECHNICALLY completed the program, I am basing that completion on time (30 minutes straight running), not distance. I actually downloaded an app (Map My Walk – I didn’t think I travelled fast enough to warrant the Map My Run app) to track my kilometres and I only travelled 3.6km this morning. I am happy with that number, but I still have a ways to go before I hit 5K.

My goal now is to slowly increase my distance until I reach 5km, and from there, work on my speed.

Overall Impression of Couch to 5K

I loved this program. It was challenging, but not so hard I wanted to quit. Sometimes I thought the workouts ramped up a little too quickly, but there was never a run I couldn’t handle (not including Week 8 Day 1, but I blame my crappy attitude). I highly recommend it.

Overall Impression of the Zen Labs C25K App

I thought the app was pretty good. It wasn’t anything special, but it didn’t need to be. It told me when to start my warm up, when to start running, when I was half-way, when I had 1 minute left to run, and when to begin my cool down. AND it let me listen to music (and YouTube and audiobooks and Map My Walk) at the same time. That’s all I needed.

Time it Took Me to Complete C25K

It took me almost exactly 8 weeks to complete C25K. I started on Tuesday, April 2nd and ended on Sunday, May 26. I’m a total slacker, so it was a surprise to finish on time.

Body Changes

I did not lose a single pound. In fact, I gained 5* and let me tell you, it ain’t muscle. I THINK my calves are a little more toned, but not noticeably so. Again, I am the slowest runner on earth, so I might have had different results if I exerted a little more energy.

* I am not saying C25K made me gain weight. I am pretty sure my cutting back on nursing the Spout did that.


Leave a comment below. I’d be happy to answer any questions you have.


12 thoughts on “Couch to 5K (C25K) – Weeks 7 & 8 and Overall Review

    1. moragandme says:

      Eeeee! Awesome!!

      Also, I would wear those all the time. I’ve given up on weight loss. I just need to get an entire spanx-y “control top” wardrobe!

  1. ps – thank you SO much for turning me onto this. I have been telling EVERYONE about it and I know at least 2 or 3 people who have actually started using it as well!!

    Now that you’ve worked on your endurance/cardio, you can work on your distance 🙂

    1. moragandme says:

      You are MORE THAN welcome! I am so geeked about it! You know it’s a good exercise program when _I_ can follow through.

  2. They make me sweat like crazy, and I am already one sweaty mother. I actually have to hang my underwear out to dry before I put them in the hamper after I wear the pants because they are drenched in sweat.

    1. moragandme says:

      I don’t know why, but that made me giggle out loud. I am reading the reviews as we speak, and everyone’s saying how much they make them sweat. Do they smell as rubbery as some people are saying?

  3. They do a bit, but seriously, I don’t get what the big deal is. I mean, if you’re so concerned with losing weight that you’re buying special sweaty pants, you think you’d be a little less critical.

    I wore both pairs of mine without washing them and they didn’t bug me, nor did I have anyone smelling in my general direction trying to figure out what that funky smell was (like they could tell over my sweatiness anyway). They do also make noise when your thighs rub together, but again, who cares? Not this girl, that’s for sure. I definitely recommend them. Best thing is that they are wicked high waisted and go up above my belly button, so no worrying about them coming down and now when the work out top I have (which is made of similar material but by a different company) rides up, I’m not flashing my spare tire to the world 😉

    1. moragandme says:

      Clearly these women are not affected with the same exercise shame I have – I like to work out when no one is around to see/smell/hear me (which is a good thing because I mainly run in my pyjamas).

      Also, having your shirt ride up when you’re running is THE WORST.

  4. Ya – I am constantly tugging at my top at derby/the gym so I was very happy to not have to worry so much about it anymore.

    I really like them. I’m glad I bought them (I have capris and a pair of shorts) and I plan to wear them like crazy. Although good luck pulling them back up if you have to pee – haha

  5. Whoooo hooooo. Well done. I used this app and loved it. Blogging about my Training for my first half marathon now. I used the c25k app in conjunction with logging my diet and exercise on my fitness pal. I thought it was really good and do manage to lose weight when I eat properly.
    Good luck with your running 🙂

    1. moragandme says:

      Amazing! Good luck on the half marathon!

      I love myfitnesspal! I really need to start logging my calories…

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