Small World

After a tiny nervous breakdown, I spent the majority of my day yesterday laying in bed reading, sleeping, and surfing the internet while Chase took care of the children. The part where I got to ignore the kids for hours on end? Heaven. For Chase? Not so much.

So, I took the girls to the park in the evening to give my saviour of a baby-daddy a well-deserved break. As soon as we got to the playground, a little boy approached Butterbean and they played together for over an hour, following each other to different play structures and different parts of the park. It was super cute. The boy was a little older than the Bean and he was trying to teach her to do a bunch of stuff – mostly how to climb the equipment.

Naturally, because the kids were playing together, me and the boy’s dad got to chatting a bit. Parenthood small talk mostly, but he was really nice and, rather than being super awkward like, say, the interaction I had last week with a dad in a business suit who made me feel poor and uneducated (I mean, I AM poor and uneducated, but still), it was a pleasant conversation.

The dad gave his son the five-minute warning (you know, “you have 5 minutes and then it’s home time”), and in an effort to fill the 5 minutes of silence ahead of me, I asked the ultimate small-talk question, “Are you from the Toronto area?” You probably know where this is going; he told me he’s actually from my small town (okay, two small towns over, but it’s basically the same thing). He went to high school – and college, in some cases – with a shit-ton of my childhood friends, including my sister. He was in a band with a kid I had a crush on when I was in kindergarten. It was really surreal.

I left thinking our meeting was supposed to happen. Maybe not in a “we’re destined to be lifelong friends” kind of way, but in a “this cheered me up when I was having a crappy day” kind of way.  I love that “it’s a small world” feeling. What are the chances I’d randomly decide to go to the park – at bedtime, no less – only to have my kid hit it off with someone I share 3 Facebook friends* with? It was weird.

* Umm… yeah. I was totally a Creepy McCreeperson. Sorry, dude.


4 thoughts on “Small World

  1. Jenna says:

    I love it when those “small world” situations happen! They definitely put a smile on your face….even if only for a brief while. Hope you’re feeling better!

  2. i like how you said that he’s from 2 small towns over. that’s such a small towner thing to say! if it were me I probably would have said “he’s from my neck of the woods” like a real hick. 🙂 glad you’re feeling better

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