Happy Birthday, Bean Sprout!

A Snapshot of Sprout, on her 1st Birthday

Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 8.04.20 PM

Nicknames: Lilo, Lilo Bilo, Lilo Lolo, Lolo Bolo, Shitty Bum

Family Member She Most Resembles: Nanny

Number of Teeth: 8

Favourite Activities: Playing in the cat’s food dishes and litter box, torturing the cat

Favourite Games: Peekaboo, patty cake, these games

Favourite People: Daddy, Mommy, Buddy (the cat), Butterbean (in that order)

Human Tricks: Lilo can clap, blow kisses, high five, wave goodbye, and “put it in the oven” (raise her hands above her head). She can also crawl and stand.

Favourite Food: Chicken korma

Least Favourite Food: Bananas

Song We Sing Most Often to Her: Smile by Charlie Chaplin

Favourite Music: Hawaiian folk (puts her right to sleep)

Disposition: Calm and quiet, plays well on her own

Fondest Wish: Unlimited, unsupervised access to Mommy and Daddy’s laptops

Can’t Live Without: Her soother

Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 8.05.12 PM


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