26 Easy Steps: Making Myself Accountable

One of the shittiest things I do – quite possibly THE shittiest thing – is blame others for my problems. Misplaced my pen? Someone must have stolen it. My kids get into something they shouldn’t have and make a big mess? They know better than that. I don’t feel like cleaning the house? It’s because no one else cleans the house. Ever.

I’m going to focus on making myself more accountable in the upcoming weeks (and months, and beyond). The moment I find myself making someone else accountable for my issues, or when I find myself playing the part of the martyr, I’m going to think about the following questions:

1. How did I contribute to this problem?

2. How can I fix it?

3. How can I avoid it in the future?


I’ll  let you know how that project, and the vitamin and water thing (eesh!), went as soon as I complete them.

… Also, a post every day for two weeks? Who was I kidding, right?!


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