Rethinking the Self-Betterment Projects

Soooo… here’s the deal. I’m KIND OF (maybe not COMPLETELY, but KIND OF) over planning a shit-ton of self-betterment projects. 1. They never work. 2. They usually cause me to backslide worse than if I’d never started them.

Since going back to work, my diet has gone to pot, but I’ve been really good at keeping on top of housework, making my lunch, and a bunch of other crap that is mainly lifestyle-related, and it happened organically – without me having to make a pile of “to do” lists and wax poetic about New Miranda being back in town. I just do this crap because I know if I don’t, my head will explode.

Let me tell you, being back to work is a mixed bag. It’s amazing, for the most part, while I’m at work, but the daily juggle of work, commuting, kids, clean-up, bedtime, etc. makes me feel a little suicidal. Not REALLY suicidal, but in a way that makes me think “yeah. I see why people kill themselves”. WHAT IS THIS LIFE I AM LIVING?! I feel like every moment is a race against the clock, only to do more shit I don’t want to do. Being a grown-up really sucks, yo.

Aaaaaanyway. I’m fine. Don’t, like, call the men in white coats on me. I’m just being a whiner. I’m sure it will get better… in 17 years or so when the kids are in college.


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