New Years Resolutions 2014

You guys know how much I love resolutions… I debate every year whether I should post them to my blog, but I do it anyway because (a) I have no shame, (b) I like to make plans I’ll never follow through on, (c) it’s fun to look back on them the following year, and (d) I love to read about other peoples’ resolutions. What are your plans for the New Year?


Be Proactive
My motto for 2014 is “be proactive” (very 7 Habits, I know). This covers resolutions from flossing so I don’t get cavities, to putting in extra (extra) hours at work so I’m not stressed about deadlines, to exercising so my family doesn’t have to bury me in an oversized coffin, to spending time with my children so they aren’t drawn to a life of crime. Really, “be proactive” could be my entire resolution list, but when you like to make unrealistic promises to yourself, why stop at practically everything?

Be a good role model for my kids
You know you’re doing something wrong when your child is constantly threatening to poop/fart/pee on peoples’ heads, and you realize she learned it from you (for the record, it’s totally cute when I pretend to fart on my 4 year-old, but not as cute when she does it to me in front of judgemental strangers). I notice that my kids  have been monkeying an awful lot of my negative/immature behaviour lately, so it’s time to nip that in the bud and behave the way I expect them to behave. FYI – this resolution is going to be a total drag.

Serve nutritionally balanced, homemade meals — at my dining table — at least 4 days a week
I think normal, non-white trash people already do this, but umm… I don’t. Bring on the green vegetables and table manners!


2014 GOALS

Lose 30 lbs
The same 30 lbs I gained last year (…AFTER I had the baby).

Post 100 blog entries to I Pee When I Sneeze
I miss blogging, but every time I sit down to post lately, I talk myself out of it. I think if I stick to a 3 post/week schedule, without thinking too much about how much I suck at it, or who’s reading, I might actually be able to get back into it.

Put $1000 on my credit card
And keep it there!

Move back home to be closer to my family, or find a way to work from home in Toronto
I need to find a better way to balance work and home, and right now, the plan is to move to the country once the school year is over. Also on the table: find a way to finance my life as a SAHM. It’s going to be an interesting year!


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