Infiltrating the Hippy Church

churchSo, here’s the deal, guys. I’m thinking about joining a church. Like, not even as a joke. Well, kind of as a joke – not one where I laugh at the people who believe that Jesus is God because, you do you, people, but a joke in that I’m an atheist, posing as a Christian specifically so I can crash their events. Is that as morally bankrupt as it sounds? Does that make me a bad person?

I’ve been equating Church to Christmas. I don’t believe in Santa, but I believe in the spirit of Christmas. Just because I don’t believe in Jesus doesn’t mean that I don’t believe in the spirit of Christ. JC was a rad dude. I like that “love thy neighbor as thyself” bit – that was some good shit. Plus, I pretend Santa is real when the occasion calls for it; why can’t I do the same with Jesus?

It’s not like I’d be going to a REAL church, anyway. For one, it’s run out of a restaurant, and two, it’s one of those nondenominational hippy dippy neo churches. Their website makes me a little nervous (they believe the Bible is 100% true, preserved by God, and without error?!), but I’ve been lead to believe by other people that they are a leftwing congregation whose services are more about love than about the fire and brimstone stuff.

And they do a lot of cool community and charity-based activities that I want to be involved in. Even their mission statement is focused on helping others. Basically, they are everything I adore about Church (love, service, community) and very little of the stuff I don’t.

I could be one of them! So we have a minor difference of opinion about the nature of God and our place in the universe. No biggie, right?

Sidenote: this had better not be a damned cult.


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