Poor, We Are. Save, I Must.

IMG_7721My husband-type-guy started a new job yesterday. It’s a good career choice, and it’s one that will benefit him, and our family, in ways you cannot put a price on: Chase will be happier; he will be home more for me and the kids; he has opportunities for advancement. Unfortunately, it also pays much less, and we won’t be able to afford a lot of the tangible “extras” we are used to enjoying (like food and heat. I kid, I kid! It’s not that bad. But it’s close).

Today, thinking I should probably bring my own drinks/coffee from home when I’m out and about instead of hitting up Tim Horton’s all the time, I spent $55 on a water bottle and a travel mug. Clearly, being poor(er) is going to be an adjustment. I was never that good at it; I have the desire to be frugal and thrifty, but I can never quite seem to pull it off.

For example, I’ve been making more meals at home lately so we don’t spend money eating out (ignore that celebratory pizza we bought last night. Nothing to see here!). However, I’ve chosen expensive meals that call for ingredients like feta cheese and almost a full bottle of wine, and then I invite friends over to eat them. Pretty sure we’d be further ahead if we ate at The Keg.

I’ve also started couponing! By that I mean I got some coupons in one of those super expensive Rubbermaid Lunchblox tupperware kits, cut out four of them (one coupon happens to be for additional expensive Tupperware), and put them on my fridge, where they will probably remain until well past their expiration date.

I guess what I’m saying is, I’ve been trying. Not that hard, but I’ve been trying. Lord help me. After this pay period, though, there will be no try; only do. And it’s a little scary.


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