December Favourites

Aside from some boring stuff no one wants to hear me talk about like online shopping and making fudge, here are some of the things I loved in December:

How To Basic – How to Cure Diarrhea

Everything How to Basic does is pretty amazing, but this video in particular captured the imagination of myself and my friends this Christmas season after an old university buddy posted it to Facebook with the caption “this is how my Wednesday feels at work”. I sent it to another friend who did a mini re-creation in his kitchen with a single egg and some mustard, and the legend continues.

Johnny McGovern and Nadya Ginsburg – Modified

This is basically me at the gym (if I went to the gym), and is my official work out song (perfect for the New Year!).


The Only Ones – Another Girl Another Planet

Another Girl is really a roll-over from November when I fell in love with D.E.B.S., but it has gotten more than its fair share of play this month. In that same D.E.B.S. vein, Goldfrapp gets an honourable mention.


David Sedaris’ Christmas Stories

I think we’ve already established how much I hate Christmas, but just in case, I really really hate it. HOWEVER, listening to David Sedaris talk about the holidays is a breath of fresh air in a cesspool of boring, depressing Christmas crap.


Willam Belli – Only Anally

I haven’t tired of Willam Belli yet, and Only Anally is, sadly and wonderfully, the best video on my 2014 playlist. Skip to 0:50 for the good stuff.


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