My Unabashed Love of Chemistry

One of my favourite book series on earth, Chemistryverse by Kate Hellman, is available to read for free on the Internet, and I need to fangirl about it a little bit while I patiently* wait for Chapter 34 of Reckless to be released. I’ve read the whole series twice (more than that, actually, because sometimes I pick random chapters and read them when I’m bored). Now, because I’m ME and I can’t just love something without feeling like someone is going to shit all over me for it, there’s a part of me that wants to couch this post with disclaimers like “a lot of these chapters were written when the author was in high school” or “this series is basically a soap opera with teenage boys as protagonists,” but fuck it. Honestly, anything “negative” I have to say about Chemistryverse to appease my imaginary critics is precisely why I LOVE it. It gets a solid 5 stars from me.

Chemistry, Reckless and their side stories and bonus material, tick all of my boxes. Does it appeal to my inner 13-year-old girl, who has been making basically all of my reading decisions for the past 2 years? Check. Teen angst? Check. Forbidden love? Check. Out-For-You trope? Check. Step siblings who bang each other? Check. Casual sex between friends? Check. Strippers? Check. Hot boarding school dudes? Check. Terrible but lovable characters? Check. Funny dialogue? Check. Sex scenes that don’t make my eyes roll out of my head or squick me out? Check.

PLUS, peppered throughout the text are multimedia files – songs, pictures, floor plans – that give the story (the drama! the angst!) another dimension.

Chemistryverse is basically my everything.

I like when you can tell an author is in love with her characters. It’s part of the reason I like Anita Blake so much – you can tell Laurell K. Hamilton is as much of a fangirl about Anita and her gang as her actual fans are (probably more so). Like, if LKH wasn’t already the author, she’d be writing fanfiction about Jean Claude and Asher. I kind of feel like Kate is the same way. In fact, I KNOW she’s the same way because her Tumblr, her wonderful, wonderful Tumblr, is full of little side stories and alternative universe fic. Kate celebrates the characters’ birthdays, posts pics and things that remind her of her of them, and creates playlists inspired by the boys. Plus, she fields fan questions all the time, and she is intensely engaged with her audience. Did I mention that the verse is longer than the Lord of the Rings trilogy? ‘Cause it is! All this from a 20-something girl who does this shit in her spare time while she works and goes to school.

I just can’t… I can’t tell you how much I love this series right now. I need someone else to read it with me, and to adore it as much as I do, so we can squee together and I can spread some of my feels around a bit.

*I say patiently because people who think they are owed free shit piss me off. Plus, the more she posts, the quicker this series will come to an end, and I don’t know what I’ll do with the gaping hole in my heart when that happens.


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