Ummm… Let’s Talk About Music, I Guess

It’s been awhile. I’m still fat. My life is still boring. There! You’re all caught up.

Let’s talk about my current favourite songs while I munch on this bag of goldfish crackers, because my life has gone to shit and food and music are the only things I’m passionate about today.

Close to You – Neon Trees

Much like Tyler Glenn’s look, Neon Trees is either a hit (punked out leather) or a miss (mod short pants) for me.  Most of their songs barely register on my “meh” meter, but then I’ll listen to their other stuff on repeat. I haven’t loved a song as much as I love Close to You in ages. It gives me the feels.


My Neck, My Back – Elle King

I love me a good cover, and this one blows (weak pun intended) the original out of the water for me. It’s the perfect amount of raunchiness and tongue in cheek sass, both in lyric and delivery. It cra-a-acks me up.


History – 1 Direction

I went from hating all 1D songs to randomly hearing History one day, and going “this song is AWESOME!” I’m pretty sure this is a one-off, and I will continue to dislike the rest of 1 Direction’s discography, but it’s possible that after watching enough Harry/Louis fangirl videos to nauseate even the most fervent of Larries, my metamorphosis into a 13 year old girl is complete.


Downtown – Macklemore

Just because it’s a fun song.

Side note: why do I find this little ginger so sexy? He reminds me a tiny bit of my teen ‘stache (if my teen ‘stache was red and a little greasy). He’s barely my type, but I’d smash that so hard. [insert my neck, my back joke here]


[This Specific Live Version of] Valerie – Amy Winehouse

I don’t know what it is about this performance, but I have watched it probably a thousand times. I like her hands and the way she hikes up her sleeves, in a way that isn’t entirely heterosexual. When Amy was on, she was ON. Without exception, I like her stripped down performances better than the bells and whistles album cuts.


I also love this version of Back to Black:



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