Canada Day

Yay Canada!! Chase, Whit and I celebrated Canada Day by going over to Cointrin‘s and hanging out with our two favourite men. They taught my daughter to say she’s pretty, hug people on command (“my baaaaaaby!”), and eat bubbles. I don’t know if you can tell by my obnoxious giggling in the video, but I didn’t stop laughing all day.


Morag Vlogs

I didn’t want to say anything until I was sure it was “a thing”, but I’ve managed to post 2 weeks of videos and I think it’s time.  I HAVE A NEW YOUTUBE CHANNEL!1

Here’s my favourite vlog yet (mainly because Jeremy and Daniel are freaking hilarious):

I hope I haven’t jinxed this new channel by talking about it (we all know how wonderful my follow-through is), BUT the plan is to continue daily vlogs into the New Year2. I may take a small hiatus until New Year’s Day, and then, BLAMO! back with the videos.

1 Although, the content quality is questionable.

2 I won’t mention the vlogs here at Morag and Me unless it ties into an entry somehow. The Morag Vlogs YouTube channel is kind of a stand-alone thing.

Does Ginger Ale Even Count as a Soft Drink?

One take. Totally unedited. Awesome.


Linzovision (Described Video for the YouTubularly Impaired):

Too exhausted to even attempt a decent video, but unwilling to give up on this vlog project after 11 consecutive days of relative success (success in that I’ve managed to follow through by posting every day, not necessarily that I’ve managed to post good content), I phone-in tonight’s entry. The only message I have is this: Jeremy and I are giving up pop for the next month. Starting tomorrow. I’m tired. Love you. Night!

What’s For Dinner?


Linzovision (Described Video for the YouTubularly Impaired):

In this video, I eat a piece of lasagna in reverse and double-time. It didn’t turn out as cool as I had hoped for two reasons: 1) I thought it was going to look like I was vomiting pasta onto my fork, but the effect was much more subtle than that, and 2) I had to pick up Whitney half-way through because she crawled over to me while I was eating and started playing with a guitar stand at my feet. Chase has been working 12-hour days and forfeiting his weekends while they set up the new store, which means that I don’t have an extra pair of hands to baby-wrangle during vlogs like this one. I miss that extra set of hands!

My Baby Food Collection

In yesterday’s video, I made homemade baby food. Today, I’m showing off the fruits (vegetables?) of my labour.


Linzovision (Described Video for the YouTubularly Impaired):

I demonstrate how obsessive compulsive I am by taking you through a tour of my freezer (specifically, my freezer door where I keep ziplock bags of Whitney’s baby food  in alphabetical order). Those little ice cubes of veggies are so cute and fun and colourful! I really wish you could see them because they bring me pure joy. As a sidenote, I blended a bunch of peaches and froze them, and I have to tell you, I am thinking about making some for myself because they make a delicious popsicle.

How to Make Baby Food from Scratch (Errr… From Carrots and Water)


Linzovision (Described Video for the YouTubularly Impaired):

Desperate for vlog ideas, I make a boring video about making baby food. Huzzah! Today’s recipe: carrots! I dazzle everyone (read: make everyone puke with my shaky camera work) by boiling, blending, and freezing plain ol’ carrots and water. Not disclosed in video: this was my first time ever peeling a carrot. No kidding. I always buy the bagged baby carrots specifically to avoid the extra work, but the “real” carrots were  cheaper so . . . Yeah. Go me for being thrifty… and adventurous! Does peeling carrots count as adventurous to normal people? I bet it does!

Danger Baby!

Being a mom was so much easier when she couldn’t move around by herself…


Linzovision (Described Video for the YouTubularly Impaired):

I demonstrate my amazing parenting skills by letting Whitney eat old toast crusts from the table, and watching her play on the stairs. Responsible mom, whaaaaaaaaat?