Homemade Eczema Cream Update


I said I’d do an update about the homemade eczema cream from DIY Confessions (recipeĀ here), and after several weeks of putting it off (who would I be if I wasn’t a chronic procrastinator?), I’m ready to give my review.

What I Liked About this Recipe

  • The ingredient list was only 3 (maybe 4) items long, and I found them at my local grocery store.
  • It was easy to make.
  • It smelled good.
  • It was inexpensive.
  • Once it absorbed into my skin, it was surprisingly non-greasy considering two of the ingredients in the cream were oil.
  • All of the ingredients are edible so I didn’t feel bad touching my kids or preparing their food after I put the cream on my hands.
  • It didn’t make my eczema worse.
  • I gave a container of it to one of Chase’s friends who reported that it worked well for her.


  • It didn’t work any better than the Aveeno I usually use (and I would argue that Aveeno is probably better at keeping my skin moisturized).
  • It could be a little messy (even when the cream was completely solid, it melted the minute it touched my skin – actually, that part was kind of cool).
  • The oatmeal separated from the oil a bit.
  • Once the cream absorbed into my skin, my hands looked more moisturized, but they felt oddly dry.


This recipe might work for people who have mild eczema breakouts, or who are interested in a nice, natural hand cream, but my eczema showed zero improvement so I probably won’t be making it again. Back to the drawing board!